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How are your IT systems coping this winter?

Posted in nsuk on January 21st, 2010 by admin – Comments Off

It’s been a real winter! The start of 2010 almost saw business grind to a halt with several inches of snow across most of the UK. For some businesses, the snow was welcomed as more people walked to local stores to buy groceriesĀ or went completely the other way and shopped online. For most commercial organisations the snow meant employee shortage or attempting to work from home without the appropriate equipment.

Many businesses are now putting a strategy in place to cope next winter. Either staff will be prevented from working from home or companies will need embrace remote access technology to ensure workers are able to work productively.

When taking the proactive approach, businesses need to think beyond laptops and mobile phone in order to ensure staff can work away from the office effectively. But it’s not hard!

Ensuring you have a suitable SSL VPN device and enough bandwidth to cope with multiple homeworkers is all it will take. However, if you also look towards VoIP telephony you really can have remote workers accessing all systems from the comfort of their sofa without any negative customer service experiences.