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Connect Cardiff stays No.1 in Cardiff

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I’m pleased that, yet again, Connect Cardiff has proved why it is a leading ISP in South Wales for businesses. is a useful site used by many IT managers and business owners to get a true idea of the bandwidth they are receiving. It’s a useful site for us too. We get to monitor our performance against competitors in a fair and open way – we have no control over the outcome – it’s purely down to performance.

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How can you tell the difference between ISP’s these days?

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This is probably the most frequently asked question I hear from businesses  looking for a better internet service. With the cost of connectivity falling, price is no longer a real differentiator, so how can IT decision makers evaluate and choose the best quality service?

Many business broadband packages include services in the price such as support, security, and back up. But with prices so low, can your broadband provider really deliver on the promise?

Think about how often your ‘always available’ broadband doesn’t work or is just being temperamental; how does your ISP respond?  If you are constantly chasing or being held in a call queue then you really aren’t receiving much service or support. 

Also, when looking at the bandwidth you need for your business, don’t be tempted to under-estimate your needs as it can affect the performance of the business itself.

As IT solutions continue to converge, companies are noticing the benefit in being able to do business better, faster and from anywhere. Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony and video conferencing are two  parts that link into unified communications -  which is the ability to be contacted on any online communications device linked into the system. However, these applications are bandwidth-hungry and slow connectivity will make for poor delivery of the service or worse, your connectivity could grind to a halt.   

It’s also worth noting that there can be heavy financial penalties if you exceed your bandwidth; hitting you with an unexpected big bill afterwards.

Look for flexible options that allow you to scale or ‘burst’ your bandwidth on-demand, without incurring any penalties or service degradation. Connect Cardiff can offer burstable fibre links up to 100MB which is not only cost effective but encourages business efficiency too.