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The Tewdric IT Event – Why you should attend!

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Unfortunately, as most South Wales and West of England businesses will know, there’s little opportunity on our doorstep to see the latest IT products and solutions. Normally it’s a trip down to London or up to the NEC for any exhibitions; or a sales person camped on your doorstep trying to tout their wares.

We think that we lead the way in IT and technology solutions so we’re putting on an exhibition of the ‘Best of Breed’ solutions that we use on June 15th & 16th in Cardiff. It’s an opportunity for both our clients and businesses looking for the latest solutions to speak directly to the product manufacturers to discover for themselves the benefits. The vendors including, Polycom, Fortinet and Microsoft, will have demonstration booths so that you can ‘try out’ the products as well as ask the technical experts about how these solutions can work in your business.

The Tewdric team will also be on hand to advise on implementation – there’s no hard sell, because we don’t think we need to…the products speak for themselves.

Full details are available on our website plus online registration form

If you need one good reason to attend here it is: The right technology can save your business money and improve employee productivity. So what are you waiting for?

Hung Parliament – more companies will look to the cloud

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By managing director, Giles Phelps

As Britain wakes up to a Hung Parliament this morning, a falling Pound and stock market, business owners will be rethinking their strategy. The situation is Greece has also rocked the global economy and the reality of a double dip recession is increasing.

As a director, you not only consider ways of increasing turnover and profit but also how to reduce costs  in a recession in order to remain lean and agile  – and  keep cash in the bank.

IT is one area that businesses look to when making savings – often suspending any investment in new equipment or technologies. In the short term, cashflow objectives can be achieved but, in the past, the longer term picture was even harder as companies attempted to play ‘catch-up’ and find that the investments required 3-4 years later are significantly greater than if they had continued to incrementally upgrade.

However, cloud computing offers an alternative – particularly for SME’s looking to gain competitive advantage. Outsourcing hardware and applications turns CapEx to OpEx……..and that keeps the bank manager happy too. The per user model used means that a business can stay responsive to market conditions – scaling up or down as required. It also allows the business to focus on its core activities and leave the IT problems to its hosting suppliers.

And it’s not just your server that you can put in the cloud. Hosted VoIP telephony, data replication and disaster recovery solutions are seeing massive growth too.

But don’t wait until it’s the last straw for you business, it’s a strategic move that frees up time and money – which is just good business sense.

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