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Take That takes out Daisy

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We’ve just received an email from Daisy sent to their customers about the poor performance of their network that was experienced this morning. This was due to “an increase in outbound calls being made currently for Take That concert.”

Meanwhile, all our customers using our hosted VoIP service remained unaffected. We’ve not yet heard if any of them were able to obtain Take That tickets but business has continued as normal.

However, if anyone does have any spare tickets to the Cardiff gig I’m sure we can find happy recipients!!

Triangles and cakes!

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Friday thought by managing director, Giles Phelps.

I’ve been in several recent discussions with potential clients, whose needs on the surface seem to differ so greatly, yet reliability/quality almost always come out on top of requirements.

I couldn’t help but think about the Project Triangle as it is referred to in engineering – although it is just as appropriate in IT project management. The concept is simple and effective. The three angles of the triangle represent Cost, Time and Quality. The theory states you can pick two, therefore:

Do something timely and reliable, but it will not be cheap.

Do something timely and cheaply, but it will not be reliable.

Do something with reliable and cheaply, but it will take a long time.

There are several variations of this (including Schedule, Scope, Resources) but is there a way that customers can have their cake and eat it?

Of course! All it takes is understanding the meaning behind the wording to begin with.

Cost = Return on Investment

Time = Initial project and any future changes

Quality – well, it can only ever equal quality.

Spend time designing a good network that considers likely changes in the future and those changes can happen quicker and cheaper. Just throw something together to start with, and you’ll be forever re-doing tasks or having to provision in a complicated way and therefore adding time and cost for each additional task as well.

This is no more apparent than when we talk to customers about moving to VoIP. There are 101 services out there but many don’t offer real Return on Investment – they just tell you it’s cheaper calls.

With our Communic8 hosted solution, we have seen customers cut call charges, eradicate ISDN line rental, reduce staff mobile bills, receive better telephony features, enable mobile workers to be more productive, take away system headaches from IT and have a reliable service with new provisions taking no more effort than an email to our Support team. And that is each customer -  not a selective list from a variety!

We have spent over four years testing different systems and adding resilience. Of course we use the system ourselves and continue to improve it. The hard work has been done so if it’s three sides of the cake that you are after – let us know!

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