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How the Government’s budget plan can help your IT budget

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Last week Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne, announced his budget aiming to fuel growth in the UK economy.  A key outcome was an initial decrease in corporation tax of 2%.  So what does this mean for small businesses?  We see this as a potential opportunity for companies to invest in their company again. Use the amount saved to invest in IT and benefit from reducing some of the long term costs and inefficiencies  of older equipment whilst improving quality.

As an IT Systems Integrator, Net Support UK, is always looking for ways to improve services to customers whilst reducing  costs for everyone. In the past year alone we have cut our power consumption and therefore energy costs by moving to more efficient servers that can hold multiple virtualised servers as well as switching to a renewable energies tariff. 

To us, being green is just good business sense.

A positive start for the new year!

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Ok, we may be jumping the gun slightly as the end of year is still 13 days to go until the accounts are closed but, all in all, this year hasn’t been too bad. And what’s more, we have a bank of ’stuff’ about to be announced within the next few weeks so getting the message out there that we are recruiting and likely to double our staff numbers is great news that I don’t want to get lost amongst the excitement of the other ’stuff.’

The Tewdric group has taken a huge leap forward in the past 12 months and every company within the group has gained new customers so we have our fingers firmly crossed for the accounts!

Back to the new recruits. We’ll be looking across all areas of the business as we have finished our internal restructuring so that we can continue to be dynamic and flexible in our approach to customer needs. Our new Tewdric website goes live next week but if you are desperate to see the positions on offer, we advertise our jobs on Monster.


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If there is anyone in Cardiff or the surrounding area that wants to try and contact friends or relatives in Japan we have video conferencing suites that we can make available.
We know this must be a very difficult time so this a small way in which we can assist.

Of course, there will be no charge. Please call on 029 200 22 500 to book.

Research highlights mobile is slower than fixed broadband

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 Today’s article on the BBC website:  entitled Home wi-fi ‘30% slower’ than fixed broadband

Are we really that surprised?! No.

Obviously it’s good to have research confirm (and by Welsh colleagues at Epitiro) what many even semi-technical people know….that the good ole’  plug-in router conducts better than wireless.Wireless equipment for home-users is usually pretty cheap and poor quality so 30% lower may not be that bad! 

However, those keen-eyed readers will have noticed that the article compares 8Mb with 50Mb for those just emailing and websurfing. I have no arguement with that fact but, particularly in Wales, the issue to start with is getting anywhere near an 8Mb service!

Currently  am I talking with a number of communities who deal with the frustrations of receiving a broadband service that delivers less than 512kbps. iPlayer and Skype just aren’t worth thinking about – emailing is bad enough, they tell me!  St Brides Wentlooge is approximately 7 miles equi-distant to Cardiff and Newport so we aren’t even talking about villages in the middle of nowhere.

And whilst Mr Wood suggests ISP’s have a disconnect with users, some of us actually are quite happy providing a good quality service to the customer at the level they request.  At the end of the month we will announce some very exciting services. And, in line with our values, we will not be offering ‘Up to’ speeds. Instead they will be ‘Realistically achieved’ speeds.

Watch this space….!

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