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Your employees are now the biggest threat to your business.

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Yesterday, at Infosec 2011, the biggest theme was the risks of using social networking sites at work.

Indeed, without even being aware of it, your employees could be the biggest threat to the security of your business’s confidential data.

A few weeks ago, BBC news  reported that smartphones and social networking sites were the next big target for cyber criminals. People need to be aware that there is a huge amount of security holes in social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Among the most common threats are web links that encourage users to click through to other sites containing malware and applications designed to collect personal information. Web criminals can use this information to trick people into scams that appear to relate to them personally and seem to be sent by one of their friends.

Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough the fact that people have to be extra vigilant when using these sites during working hours or on the same mobile devices they use to access business information, as it could lead to a security breach within the corporate system and have terrible consequences for the company.

Organisations should be looking for ways of using the latest tools and devices while keeping control over sensitive data. But is not only about the technology, they also have to educate their employees about the growing number of breaches and threats that are constantly diversifying.

Another networking giant shouts about being on the pole and duct sharing trial

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“The Japanese multinational has revealed its plan to create a superfast broadband network for rural regions in the UK, rivalling BT’s Openreach’s national platform.”

Well, big players, of course, get the media attention easily! But it should be pointed out that it does not mean others can’t solve the issues. Spectrum Internet is already helping areas that don’t currently receive decent broadband.

In this big announcement, it seems that Fujitsu is almost offering an ultimatum when it demands £500m of the government broadband pot to help fund their project and clearly states that, if they don’t get the money, it will not happen. Ironically, if they intend to run most of this network over pole and ducts then this will be over the existing Openreach infrastructure anyway so doesn’t that make their ultimatum a moot point?!

Also, the timescales mentioned mean that it is still a year away before any customer will be able to gain from it, and some will have to wait until 2017! People are not willing to wait six years to get decent broadband.

We know that Local Authorities have already been tendering for providers to supply local networks. As a matter of fact, BT has already started in Cornwall, and other councils are talking to network providers such as GEO Networks (who operate Fibrespeed in North Wales) and Kcom. It means that with regionally controlled networks, we could have a very different landscape in five years’ time in the UK . Therefore, getting from one end of the UK to the other could see wholesale costs rise due to having to interconnect between each territory. And without any doubt, it will increase the costs for the customers too.

Finally, it must be highlighted that the rural problem won’t be best served by a generic treatment to the broadband problem. Each community has different reasons for not currently being connected and different needs and so have to be dealt with individually.

Spectrum Internet is currently working with St Brides Wentlooge, just 7 miles equidistant to Cardiff and Newport.  The village counts as a broadband ‘not spot’ with residents receiving less than 512Kbps when connected to the Internet. However, whilst many in the community are desperate for a better service, most when asked said they didn’t want superfast broadband  (which is usually stated as downloads speeds of 20-30Mbps) for the moment.

Thus there would be no point installing a solution that can only deliver Next Generation broadband and charging people £30+ per month for a solution that would not suit their needs. Instead, we are putting a standard ADSL broadband solution that can be upgraded as technology costs fall and demand rises for greater speed. A microwave Internet connection will be set up in St Brides to receive the bandwidth from one of Cardiff Points of Presence. One of the biggest rural benefits is that no additional infrastructure (e.g. Digging up roads or crossing farmland for fibre optic cables) needs to be laid and the service is delivered in the normal way over telephone lines (for telecoms buffs this is by sub-loop unbundling). 8Mb is a big jump and many ISPs fail to deliver this even in urban areas. Prices will start from £15 per month.

A larger ISP would never be able to make this an economic model which is the main reason villages like St Brides have been ignored by them even through their need is greater than many towns for digital inclusion.

£500million to a networking giant won’t solve the issues in cases like these – but ISPs who have simpler economic models and some flexibility will.

UK Internet users recognise the importance of good internet access

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Spectrum Internet is glad to see in recent news that UK internet users are not only increasingly recognising the crucial necessity of good internet connection nowadays, but are also valuing quality of their ISP over a brand name.

According to the results of a survey undertaken by,  UK Internet users  are willing to help funding the government broadband improvements.

To the question: “Is the government doing enough to improve UK broadband?”,  89 % of the respondents answered “No”.

It appears that more and more users are getting increasingly dissatisfied by the quality of their internet access whereas “getting connected”, and getting a good connection, has become absolutely essential for everyone; businesses and individuals. It seems that consumers would almost consider a good internet connection as being a right. It has got to the point where 69% of the respondents declared that the government should put more tax payers’ money into the effort. The fact that people are actually willing to pay for fast and reliable broadband access, shows a real desire for improvement.

Spectrum Internet offers tailor-made solutions in order to provide business and individuals with fast and reliable internet connection. From super-fast broadband to microwave wireless services, we are also committed in helping Not Spot communities to receive internet access. St Brides Wentlooge are waiting for the planning decision to move them from receiving less than 512kbps to 8Mb. The villagers have been campaigning for broadband for over 5 years.

Spectrum Internet: bringing change in internet supply to South Wales.

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Tewdric is proud to announce the arrival of Spectrum Internet to the group. The official launch took place on Tuesday March 29th in Chepstow, where the multi-gigabit fibre optic backbone went “live” and connected to the Cardiff and Newport exchanges.  Companies in these areas can now benefit from high speed Internet and wide area network services.

During this event, MD, Giles Phelps, demonstrated the benefits of having a high speed connection which allow businesses to get the most out of their bandwidth. The connection can be used for “traditional” internet usage, VOIP, video conference and streaming, all at the same time, without affecting the speed and the quality of the services.

With recent news showing that more and more businesses are leaving Wales because of slow broadband, Spectrum is proud that it is taking the initiative to tackle the problem by providing reliable connections that are handled by an experienced technical team, and by progressively reducing the number of “not spots” across the nation.

Spectrum has evolved since its inception as Connect Cardiff by now providing its own infrastructure to rival UK ISP’s. With it’s engineers being based in the Cardiff data centre too, the ability to maintain and even to resolve any customer issues within minutes also brings a new meaning to being the fastest ISP in South Wales!

It is about time that Wales receives the internet access that it deserves and needs.

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