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Shocking statistics reveal why video conferencing is on the up

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A recent survey conducted with senior executives about their business travel could help to explain why the video conferencing market is booming at the moment.

If you were to predict the answer to questions about the necessity of trips, length of journey and delays, then I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised by the answers but what I liked about the survey is it asked questions that are often hard to quantify – even for the business executive.

1 in 10 Executives reported to have missed a child’s birthday or wedding anniversary due to having to take a short haul flight abroad for work purposes. But as half the flights taken were for regular meetings, surely this could have been avoided?

Isn’t it time to start working smarter, not harder? To see the full results click here

Trusting technology…and double checking that it’s working

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This week was a real test for Net Support. At 6am on Wednesday morning, Western Power turned off the power to the site of our main data centre in order to upgrade it.

With only 3 working days notice, it would have been impossible to implement a disaster recovery strategy had we not already had one. Fortunately, we just used the 3 days to double check everything was in order and working as they should be including getting our diesel generators ready to fire up in time for the big outage.

There was, of course, a moment of breath-holding when Western Power flicked the off switch but everything went as planned and the UPS back-ups kicked into life. Jonathan, Giles and John were on site at 5.30am for no need at all, right?!

But it did get me thinking; as a data centre, what would have been the effect if it hadn’t gone to plan? Our whole modus operandi is based around the resiliency and well-designed back-up solutions we put in place that clients wouldn’t or couldn’t afford to do just for their business.

For our hosting clients who rely on us so heavily for their IT – their current emails, data and applications all of which resides in our data centre, it’s imperative that our strategy is robust. The cost to their business could, quite literally be in the millions of pounds and would certainly see the end of NSUK.
But it’s not just about having power back-ups for the servers. Backing up the data and applications properly is just as crucial.

Say, a real business disaster occurs. How long do you think it would take to get your business running again and how would you do it? What are you likely to lose/sacrifice? 30 second’s worth of data? An hour’s? Week’s? Month’s?…..more…? This may depend on the last time you actually tested your back-ups actually work whether it’s based on your site or with a 3rd party.

As off-site back up Oolio disappeared off the face of the earth and world wide web last week, it may be worth a little check you can get to your back up when you just in case you really need them!

Broadband Scheme extended to help those with less than 2Mbps

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Spectrum Internet was pleased to hear the news that the Broadband Support Scheme has been extended to include those who receive less than 2Mbps.

We have encountered a number of individuals and businesses who fell outside the scheme previously when it only assisted thoses up to 512kbps. This scheme should really provide better solutions of communities now who want a permenant solution such as fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) or fibre to the home/premise (FTTP).

It is a shame that the grant was not extended allowing more of this capital allowance per individual – say up to £2,500, to help smaller villages but we do expect the scheme to become more popular.

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