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Are you ready for IPv6?

Posted in Spectrum Internet, nsuk on September 8th, 2011 by KevinH – Comments Off

I still, regularly, get asked by potential customers if they will need to change their IP addresses when they move across to our Internet services. However, it worries me that many of these questions come from the FD who have been told to ask by the outsourced IT company/person who doesn’t know the answer will always be yes if changing providers. More worryingly is that the question about IPv6 addressing isn’t even asked. For those of you who don’t get involved in networking and IT within your business I can understand that you may be unaware that the current style of IP addressing is coming to an end. The current system is a 32-bit address system and looks something like Those mathematical brainiacs amongst you will realise that there can only be a maximum of 232 unique combinations (about 4.3 billion) and some of these are allocated to private networks and multicast address. For the rest of us, what you need to know is that the world has exhausted this allocation and so has run out of IPv4 addresses. Therefore the IPv6 style allows greater combinations as it is 128-bit addressing and is presented as hexadecimal.  If you want some numbers to throw-around that’s about 2128 which is about 340 undecillion (…………nope, I’d never heard of it either but apparently that’s 36 noughts). More importantly, if you haven’t seen an IPv6 address it looks like: 3fde:1900:4245:3:200:f8ff:df31:57cf  What this means to your business is you need to ensure that any of your company’s public facing devices such as firewalls, VPN’s, etc can cope with the changeover that will occur in the next few years… or at least someone on hand who can help you and understands why!  Why not book to attend one of our seminars on this subject? Email to book your place today for 12th October

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