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Is your business ready for winter?

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This time last year we were blissfully unaware of the snow heading our way. For some, the winter wonderland created a magical time to get out the sledges, build a snowman and play in the snow or cuddle up in front of a crackling fire. But for businesses it was mayhem. Staff that actually came in struggled with traffic tailbacks and crashes on the journeys to and from the office, or braved walking across icy footpaths and treacherous roads, or waited for public transport that hardly ran at all. Many stayed at home. An article published in the Daily Telegraph last February reckoned that a fifth of Britain’s workforce stayed at home during the December ‘Big Freeze’ with a loss of business to the country costing about £1.2 billion over the snow-bound period. So whilst many people are preparing themselves with snow shovels and grit. What can your business do to ensure you are not left out in the cold this winter? Here’s our winter survival kit (and we supply all items if you’re interested!) Test your systems actually work! Isn’t hind-sight a great thing?! If only you’d checked last night’s backup actually did what it was supposed to. Do a restore test before you need to. It’s particularly important over the Christmas break when there’s less attention paid to these systems…unless they go horribly wrong! SSL VPN Without the need for installation on every machine, SSL VPN’s will provide remote access over a standard web browser allowing remote users with access to Web applications, client/server applications and internal network connections. So if your workers have broadband and a home PC there’s little reason for them to be completely snowed in with nothing to do on a work day! Two Factor Authentication (2FA) It sounds more complicated than it really is. It works a bit like your debit/credit cards. They’re something you have (the card) and something you know (your PIN) to enable access to your money. The 2FA token/device provides you with a one-time password to give you access to the systems you are logging into e.g your SSL VPN. Next time you log in you need to provide a new password from your token. There’s more information on our website but in short, it provides an additional level of security making sure those accessing the system are really who they say they are. Hosted services/outsourced IT This is increasingly becoming the main-stay of the Net Support portfolio. The press like to use the ‘cloud computing’ terminology but in essence, it’s outsourcing part or all of your IT services leaving your company free to concentrate on its core skills and take advantage of a full IT department at your fingertips- even if it snows! VoIP Voice over IP offers real flexibility as well as telephony cost savings for businesses. Calls can be routed to any phone in or out of the office to any landline or mobile with ease. Our hosted VoIP solution gives you enterprise-grade functionality that’s even affordable for SME’s. Video conferencing (VC) Just because you can’t get somewhere doesn’t mean you can’t join the meeting. VC reduces travel time and cost whilst increasing employee productivity. Choose from individual laptop based software or full immersive conference suites to transport you to meetings anywhere in the world at any time. Lync Unified communications enable you to work from anywhere at any time and on any suitable device. Real-time information keeps you in touch with colleagues whilst the online collaboration enables material sharing without sending emails back and forth. Plus it integrates all the best features of VoIP telephony and video conferencing. The Microsoft Lync server integrates with all your Office applications so you can really be productive wherever you are this winter. Be one step ahead this winter- call us on 029 200 22 300 or email

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