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Anyone for a piece of Raspberry Pi?

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If you’ve failed to be caught up in the techno hype of Raspberry Pi then here’s a quick summary:

Credit card sized computer built on LINUX costing $25 to encourage an increase in computer programming, which we appear to be losing through schools and Universities. It’s a project supported by Cambridge University.

This morning, at 6am the first batch of 10,000 went on sale and was scooped up in seconds, crashing the website with the number of hits. Fans of the Pi then went onto forums such as Twitter- which also was struggled under the deluge.

But why so much interest?

For me, it was about returning to the skills I learnt on my first BBCMicro home computer and at university. I wanted to see what I and my colleagues could programme. I am also still keen to get hold of some for local schools.  The Raspberry Pi charitable organisation is certainly right that schools don’t go far enough with computing skills. Knowing how to create a formula in Excel is NOT IT. Pupils and students need computers to ‘play’ with, to investigate and problem solve.

I just hope the next batch won’t be too far behind whilst it has the hype.

Apple may lead the technology market in status but to retain our computing skills I’d rather have a Raspberry Pi.

Why IT strategies are like the Super Bowl

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Winning IT strategies give companies a clear competitive advantage in a tough economy as they allow greater agility as corporate strategies adapt to the market to stay ahead of rivals. The worst decision is to change nothing as technology moves fast and being stationery in fact, leaves you behind.

Even when the New York Giants and New England Patriots took the field on Sunday, they weren’t doing battle in soft leather helmets with no face masks. And there certainly wasn’t a spotty teenager on the sideline ladling out water from a tin bucket to quench their thirst after a big play.

So, if the Super Bowl teams have embraced emerging technology, why shouldn’t you?

However deciding between the different strategies can feel like you’re writing the Giants’ Play Book. Should you go for on-premise equipment with support from a third party? Recruit a backfield team of IT professionals? Migrate your services to the cloud or fully out-source with a dedicated hosted platform?

And whilst serious consideration is a must, taking too long a time-out to make the decision can also play into your competitors’ hands or force you into a Hail Mary situation.

But when you get the decision right, you free-up your key staff so that they can work more productively…and then the touchdowns come more easily.

NSUK works on a consultative basis with customers to ensure the right decision is reached for their needs. And sometimes that will mean not taking out services straightaway.

Plus our experienced project management team works closely with customers on their projects to help make a smooth transition during the changeover.

If you are looking to make up the yards in your IT, it’s worth finding out what we’ve got in our game plan that might just help.

In case the American Football terminology is a bit too obscure for you, here’s the link to the NFL official glossary

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