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There was super fast now there’s ultra fast broadband- but is it available in Cardiff?

Posted in Spectrum Internet on August 1st, 2013 by TewdricBlogger – 74 Comments

We are a nation obsessed by speed, particularly when it comes to broadband.

If you are an SME in Cardiff the great news is you can now take full advantage of this.  For too long there has been a price chasm between broadband and fibre optic leased lines, with often prohibitively expensive leased lines leaving many SMEs far behind. It used to be that having fast broadband speeds was a luxury, but in today’s world it’s a necessity if businesses want to retain and build on their market share.

You already know that if you don’t have enough Internet speed to run your business you’ll be paying for it in other ways like additional travel expenses, courier or postage costs and staff not being as efficient as they could be. But justifying £700 for the Internet isn’t easy for an SME.

At last, thanks to the UK Government’s Super Connected Cities scheme, Cardiff companies get to vote with their feet. Speak to Cardiff City Council about how to get your voucher, then shop for providers in your area who’ll supply you with faster broadband… and as a Cardiff based ISP we hope you’ll call Spectrum Internet first!

Low cost ultra fast broadband is being piloted by us, Spectrum Internet, in line with the Super Connected Cities voucher scheme.

You can find out more about the scheme, what the benefits to your business could be and how to apply by visiting and if you’d like to get the ball rolling for ultrafast broadband coming to your business premises, speak to one of our Cardiff sales team on 029 200 22 345.

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