Considering changing ISP?

After months and months of experiencing bad broadband performances or poor customer service and feeling you have nowhere to turn, you make your decision: it is time to change your Internet Service Provider. But sometimes, this process can seem as frustrating as your current broadband.

According to the latest survey from , over one third (35%) of UK broadband customers are discouraged from changing provider because they are concerned about potential service downtime. 27% are concerned that the migration process would imply additional costs, and 13% are discouraged because they consider the process to be ‘too much of a hassle’, especially because of the MAC Code System. Nonetheless, Ofcom, the communication industries regulator,  is currently working on their Strategic Review into Consumer Switching which is aimed at making the change process between providers “quicker, cheaper and easier for consumers”.

In August 2010, the difficulties involved in switching provider had already been pointed out by a study realised by the magazine Which? . Nearly half of the respondents (10,000 people) had encountered problems when trying to change broadband provider. Among the main obstacles they faced, on-going billing after cancellation, difficulties in contacting the provider’s customer service, problems with establishing the new connection and downtime were stated.

However, nothing, really, should stop you from switching provider if you are not happy with the level of service you receive: it is your right. Why should you pay for something that you are not satisfied with?

People generally want to switch provider when they experience a slow and inconsistent connection. We also often see in the media complaints of customers who don’t receive anything near the download and upload speeds that were advertised and mentioned in their contract. The theoretical ‘up to’ speed has, quite rightly, come into criticism with ISP’s with large advertising budgets under pressure to publicise the real speeds of their services.

So bad performance experiences along with poor customer services are factors that may make you consider changing ISP but when the time comes to decide which new ISP you are going to select, think about it thoroughly.

There may be a lot of ISPs covering your area. But do you know how to find them? And what criteria are you going to use to choose them? Price, however important, should not be the primary consideration. We believe that consistency and good quality are equally crucial.

When changing ISP, do your research: Use comparison websites, read reviews and forums dedicated to broadband providers. More and more customers’ testimonials are becoming available, so don’t hesitate to use them. You can also find help through WISPA, The Welsh Internet Service Providers Association  that aims to improve self-regulation and drive the competition within the ISP sector in Wales and which has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with useful information regarding your Internet supply.

Then, you really have to think about your needs. Listening to what other customer have to say is important, however you have to take your needs into account. So think about what you need broadband for, your monthly usage, how much time a day you spend online, how many users you are going to share your connection with and everything related to your general usage.

Why not switch to Spectrum Internet?

We are a Welsh ISP that understands you and understand how frustrating it is not to get services that you pay for. We deliver fast, consistent and reliable broadband at a fair price. We are transparent and don’t advertise speeds we would not be able to deliver. We make the efforts of stating the ‘realistic’ speeds our customers are likely to receive, and don’t use terms such as ‘up to’.

With us, you know where the services come from, and you know who to talk to in case of problems. Excellent customer service and reliability is important to us. Our local engineers have the necessary skills and experience along with a deep knowledge of the area to be able to offer rapid set up and support. We own our infrastructures and have a large network in South Wales which allow us to be and stay available for you.

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