The increasing popularity of mobile broadband calls for good quality and consistent wireless technologies.

Ofcom’s latest report on mobile broadband access shows that more and more people are using this technology nowadays.

Since constant availability along with the need of continuous access to information, data and online services are key factors in many people’s lives, getting online from anywhere has become crucial. Indeed, as mobile broadband access through laptops, dongles, smartphones or tablets has become mainstream, people expect and, somehow, are expected to be online whenever and wherever they are.

Surprisingly, the Ofcom study also shows that approximately 7% of UK homes use mobile broadband as their only method of connecting to the Internet; an increase form 3% in 2009.

This need for constant access, whether at home or when on the go, does highlight the importance of the quality of the wireless provision.

As this form of technology is becoming increasingly popular, WIFI solutions providers could be victim of their own success: If too many people use the same connection, it can get slow. Statistics shown by Ofcom report reveals that the average mobile broadband speed is 1.5Mb, meaning it takes 8 seconds to load a basic webpage. Speed and consistency remain the major challenges for wireless solutions providers.

As everyone has to share a limited amount of bandwidth, the most reliable service is required. It is therefore up to the ISPs to make the efforts required to deliver the best services to the customers.

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