Don’t let concerns about security cast a cloud over your projects

A study carried out by research analyst OVUM has revealed that multinationals are becoming increasingly interested in cloud computing technology. It states that 45% of multinationals are using the cloud nowadays, a raise from 24% in 2010. The cloud offer them many benefits such as data back-up and storage, communications services, web hosting, corporate IT systems, networking or applications software. The numerous advantages of the technology explain its success.

However, at the European level, another study performed by AMD has shown that concerns about security are still preventing many companies from considering moving services and data into the cloud. Indeed, 59% of businesses have declared that security is the main barrier to cloud adoption.

Their concerns could easily be explained when considering the amount of “Security Data Breach” or “Hacking” stories related to big names in the news recently. So it can be understood why some firms may be reluctant to the adoption of cloud services, however, they need to be aware that all providers aren’t all the same.

Of course, relying on a third party to secure data, application and networks is a matter of trust. At Net Support UK we are committed to work closely with our clients to ensure that all their requirements are met AND work hard ourselves to understand the security threats that surround our clients and hosted services so that we can offer advice on how best to secure the cloud. In fact, we believe that for small and medium businesses in particular, the cloud can improve their data security, as most of them do not have the finances, resources or skills to create and maintain secured systems. As Graham Titterington, Ovum principal analyst, points out: “For 95% of businesses, they will certainly be more secure in the cloud than they would using their own DIY approach. The hackers will have an easier job getting into their server than they would getting into a server of a cloud provider [...]” In other words, yes, hackers will try to get into a cloud provider server, but as the levels of security are likely to be higher, they are more likely to give up than to achieve anything.

As more and more workers are able to work remotely, accessing cloud-based services and using mobile devices, it has become absolutely essential for businesses to choose a reliable cloud service provider or a third-party data centre.

Data and information protection is key to the cloud technology; this is why we continuously monitor and add new levels of security to our system. After all, our reputation as a private cloud provider is at stake too. So we deliver our services from our own private data centre, monitor activities 24/7 all year long, ensure our staff are up to date in terms of issues that may occur as well as knowledge on the latest ‘Infosec’ thinking and use a variety of technologies to tackle current threats and prevent future ones. Even our hosted VOIP solution offers a more secure-led advantage over our competitors.

Businesses should select a local and professional cloud provider like us that delivers its service from a secured date centre which is run by people whose job it is to manage and secure data and who are interested in working closely with you to answer all the concerns you may have.

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