Is the UK’s infrastructure falling behind other nations?

I don’t normally read through the PM’s speeches but this one makes a lot of sense! If you don’t want to read through it, the key points are that he believes our Victorian-laid infrastructure may be a bit outdated and it’s having an effect on business. It may cost billions to put right but it’s investment in infrastructure that’s key right now. And he’s right! In my personal soap box corner, investing in good communications for your business can only be a good thing. Whilst the costs for fibre optics are high, there’s a really good reason for that -it’s so much better than those Victorian copper pairs that you are relying on for broadband. A business fibre ‘leased line’ really is an investment in the same way as is investing in your staff. You don’t just look at what an employee’s salary is to decide if they are going to help your business grow – do you? So why do it with fibre? (and by the way fibre is usually cheaper and less hassle than a member of staff!). I don’t usually enable the comments feature on my blogs but I’m keen to hear from businesses on this one. Have you recently moved to a fibre line? What difference has it made? Have to looked at the costs but not seen the benefit? Let us know! (If you have come here from Twitter, welcome!)

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