Are most organisations ready for the cloud?

Tweet As I’ve been answering a journalist’s questions this week, I’ve also been thinking about the articles, blogs and presentations that I’ve given over the past three years on the subject of cloud based services. Ironically, three years ago we were calling them managed hosted services – which we had been doing for about seven years! So has anything actually changed or is it just PR spin? NSUK began offering remote back-up services to a number of companies who required storage and proper back-up processes that they couldn’t do themselves. Over time we began hosting other services too, like Microsoft Exchange. Now, it’s not uncommon for a customer to hold all the IT services with us. But one thing has definitely risen in popularity – the accessibility to these services. The likes of Google Apps and Microsoft 365 have brought low cost cloud services to the masses. Whilst it doesn’t offer the same flexibility as our private cloud services can, it could reduce the IT costs for a SME significantly. Plus as Internet connectivity (even broadband!) is improving in many places, connecting has become far more efficient than when we started ten years ago. So if you haven’t looked at hosting any of your services yet, you might be missing out and being left behind your competitors. Isn’t it worth a call to find out a bit more about it?

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