First hand experience of poor broadband

Tweet Having spent the past 18 months talking to communities about the issues and frustrations of receiving less than 1Meg of broadband, some readers may find it amusing that I should find myself holidaying in Devon in an area that suffers from these issues. Plus it seems to be the case that where broadband runs at snail’s pace, there is also little mobile coverage so downloading emails or just calling the office for an update was a no-go. Claire Brown, Marketing Manager The real irony is that the main reason for me checking and responding to emails whilst on holiday (apart from the fact that is seemed to rain non-stop for 2 days) was that I was checking on progress of a few of the community projects that are in crucial stages. I have never doubted the reports from the exasperated users I’ve spoken to who struggle everyday but there is nothing like experiencing something for yourself to really empathise and understand it. So whilst my encounter is brief, standing with your laptop outside a shop with ‘BT Openzone’ and diving into every café that advertises that they have ‘Wi-Fi available’ (and ending up with the caffeine shakes after one too many Americanos), I can truly say that my everyday life requires broadband. I couldn’t wait to get home to my 5Mb and to continue helping communities fight for better broadband!

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