Business Parks and Multi-tenanted sites need to grab this high speed opportunity. Fast.

With so many SMEs making the most of the Super Connected Cities grant funding to receive and benefit from fast business broadband, it’s surprising that landlords of these businesses haven’t caught on as well.

Landlords of multi-tenanted buildings and business parks can make a huge difference to their businesses with these vouchers. Those managing these sites and buildings say that one of the most common questions asked from prospective tenants is ‘how fast is the broadband here’? If the answer they hear is not satisfactory or they’re told that they’ll have to take a costly leased line connection most, not surprisingly, turn on their heel.

Like it or not, these days superfast broadband is not just ‘nice to have’ but an essential service for companies that want to be successful. Bandwidth usage from businesses is soaring, in part driven by the increasing number of devices connected to the internet, and global data traffic is expected to triple by 2017. If businesses don’t keep up with this then things for them are likely to slow down as much as their broadband speed.

Several business parks have been in the limelight recently for not receiving decent broadband, in effect becoming business ‘not spot’ areas, but if they’re in the city boundaries of a Super Connected city this doesn’t have to be the case. What usually prevents landlords and business park owners from getting a high speed service to their site is the sheer cost that this entails, with excess construction costs often entering in to the tens of thousands, that can’t be passed on to tenants. So what’s surprising is that so few of them have come forward to make the most of this scheme. Individual businesses, and in most cases the landlord themselves, can apply for the super connected vouchers and pool the funding together to bring a high speed broadband solution to their site.

The Maltings, a large multi-tenanted building in Cardiff, is a prime example of a landlord that has seen the opportunity and grabbed it with both hands- see more by clicking here. The copper infrastructure in some areas meant that many tenants had to take leased lines or suffer with poor broadband speeds. So more than a dozen tenants and the landlord itself applied for the vouchers and pooled the funding.

The result? The Maltings are now receiving a superfast Fibre-to-the-Premise solution which has future-proofed the building, making it the first Gigabit building in Cardiff, and given them speeds 3 times faster than their nearest serviced office competitor, and what’s more, at packages from £50 a month it’s affordable for tenants too.

So just to recap:

-       It’s easy to apply for the vouchers.

-       Your business park/Building can get Superfast broadband without huge expense

-       You and your tenants make significant cost savings

-       You increase your appeal to prospective tenants and reduce your tenancy turnover

-       You safeguard your site for the future

So if you’re located in or own one of these sites, what are you waiting for? You only have until March 2015 so please, don’t hang around….

P.S. Located in Cardiff and/or Newport? Find out more information at and

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