Cloud Computing – a new phenomenon? We’ve be doing it for years!

Cloud Computing have been big buzz words within the IT for the past few years and are now filtering down into mainstream business media. There still seems to be a variety of definitions – particularly by the big manufacturers making it seem to fit their services better than a competitors.

Of course, the recession has also helped the rise in cloud computing as businesses look to outsource services to shed internal resources and take advantage of a more flexible payment system whilst benefitting from the service immediately.

But is it really all that new?

For ‘traditional’ IT resellers and consultants it is a very different business model. Instead of trying to shift as many appliances out the door, it’s about getting more customers through the door to make a service they are selling profitable.

However, from our experience that still won’t make them successful. Net Support UK (NSUK) was set up in 1998 offering outsourced IT services such as server management and remote desktop support as a way to offer better value for the customer coupled with high quality customer services and technical expertise. This is what has stood us in good stead.

So on the last day of our financial year it’s great to review the figures and see that our strategy is working. From clients I’ve spoken to recently, new and old, they are reaping the rewards too.

My head is firmly stuck in the clouds.

By Giles Phelps

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